Thursday, May 19, 2016


The rebelangel, round about the time i started this blog.
For the past six years or so, Raising a Revolutionary has been home to all my mad ramblings about parenthood, travel, self-sufficiency, single parenting, and of course, this rebelangel and her rebellious ways.

It was created with her in mind, but as i've been told at least a few times, the revolutionary is perhaps not so much her as it is me.

This blog has fed me (literally and figuratively), saved me, and spared me from the uncertain doom of obscurity. This blog has been my muse, and where i've teased the muse. I love her.

And i need to let her go.

Not because i am going to stop writing -- and writing about some of the same stuff... but RAR and i are ready for a change.

So stay tuned as i get my biznass handled and revamp this blog at a new URL, with a new look and more curation of posts. Hasta pronto!

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