Monday, April 4, 2016

Sun's Out, Smiles Out

There is a phenomena in the Pacific Northwest that doesn't become apparent until the first real week of sun.
What is this glowing orb in the sky?!!

We've all been going along during the winter months, thinking our lives haven't changed much, but in reality, we've all been sorely devoid of Vitamin D. When we start to get a little back, we're like different people.

This week was a gloriously sunny week, and i found myself being the classic Northwest person... often grumpy otherwise, but in the glow of the sun, suddenly cheerful and productive.

I actually smiled at people and meant it. I actually felt like doing something besides just getting through the daily grind of the day. I did projects! I worked out hard! And i laughed at my tween's snarky behavior!

When the sun's out, the smiles come out -- which is a great thing...

Except today, the clouds are back...


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