Thursday, March 3, 2016

Motivation? Check.

Instant camera selfie in the mirror.
This morning the kiddo begged and pleaded to stay home, just because.

She was feeling a little icky and unmotivated, and wanted me to turn that into an excuse to take a "mental health day." The mental health day is a little trick i learned from a friend, who in her diligent commitment to her job, also still manages some "me" time by cashing in her sick days for mental health. To me, it's not really lying, and most people rack up a lot of sick days they never use anyway.

But today, i had to deny my kiddo the honor, because she'd just taken one not too recently. They're meant to be a rare treat, not a common occurrence.

Then again, as a freelancer and work-from-homer, it's a bit of hypocrisy, because i take a mental health hour, mental health afternoon, or an entire mental health day any time i dang well please.

But hey, i guess she has to graduate high school and college before she can get the privilege...


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