Thursday, March 17, 2016

It's sunny! But you have the flu...

Ah, the humanity...

The weather outside is finally bright and inviting, but all i wanna do is stay inside under the covers.

For those single parents, solo riders, and anyone else who doesn't necessarily have someone to nurse them back to health full-time, i am bringing back one of my favorite posts:

2 Ways to Heal Yourself When You're Sick

I had to make my own soup this time because there wasn't any in the freezer, but i did save half to freeze for next time!


Speaking of self-healing -- check out the diffusers and aromatherapies at Aromabotanical. Mmmm...

I just heard about someone who 3D printed his own braces. I want to do that for the rebelangel! For the latest info on 3D printing, visit 3D Printers Central. 

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