Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Well-Rounded Kids

This is the kiddo's team, after their victory in double overtime. Believe me when i say this was a victory that was definitely hard-won, because 1. they don't win that much and 2. it came after one of the girls scored a three-pointer.

When the final score is 13-14, you know you're dealing with a league of kids who have a long way to go to master the game -- and winning always feels good!

I love taking my kiddo to her sports events, but i'm having a hard time convincing her that she needs to be more well-rounded and to bring back art or music or dance into her regular routine. Am i the helicopter parent already thinking about college scholarships? Probably. But forgive me for wanting everything for her.

So what's your take? Push your kids upward and to being more busy for the sake of their futures, or let them say when enough is enough?


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