Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Amazing Parents

Every day i am astounded by how many motivated, wonderful people -- and parents -- there are out there. They come to me through my gigs on Fiverr, asking me to help promote their businesses and their ventures.

They appear on the street, in our local classrooms, and nearly everywhere i look. They amaze me and remind me that to really make change and get things done in this one life we have, we have to push the envelope and do more than commit ourselves to the 9 to 5 lifestyle where we plop down in front of the TV at 5:15.

I admit, i have been prone to doing just that this winter. After spending a winter where it's never cold, the grey skies and cold air has gotten to me.

But i'm thankful for this blog, where people creep in and find me even when i wasn't looking to be found...


Today i want to introduce you to Angela, who changed her life and was able to get pregnant after doctors told her she couldn't -- simply by changing her unhealthy lifestyle. She's hosting a free health webinar soon, helping people uncover the root of problems such as being overweight, having trouble sleeping, diabetes, heart disease, infertility issues, chronic pain, skin disorders or any other chronic degenerative illness or disease. It's free -- so why not attend?

And then there's Johnnie, who's created -- a wonderful resource for parents to come together, get advice, or sound off on their latest struggle. Check it out!

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