Friday, January 22, 2016

The Side Hustle

I have a friend whose kid recently called her out for never having money.

He's the type of kid who tends to really only speak to his mother when he wants something. She's frustrated that she can't provide enough; he meanwhile, thinks she's doing it on purpose.

Recently i've been seeing a lot of that from my kid too -- and unfortunately, a lot of times i have to turn her down. There's money for rent and gas, but not necessarily for all the other things she seems to want.

Lots of people come up with a side hustle to help them make money on the side that they can use for the "fun" stuff. For me, it seems like everything i do is one side hustle or another -- so either that doesn't really apply to me, or it applies 100 percent.

The thing is, i need to come up with a few more.

When it comes to making more money, writers tend to turn to sponsored blog posts (guilty), e-books that bring in passive income (working on it), advertisements on their sites or blogs (yup), selling an actual, hold-in-your-hand book (not yet but it's in the works), or just plain getting paid more to do what they do (always a goal!).

So i guess i'm just wondering what else is out there, because so far all of these things are still not coming together to mean not constantly denying the kiddo of experiences and things she wants. Granted, she doesn't need all of them, but i'd like to not have to say no every single time...

So what are your side hustles, writers and others?

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