Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Bus Diet

One day back from our holiday trip to Grandma's and i was once again left on the side of the road (OK, just my driveway) with a dead truck. After spending the pre-holiday season in regular back and forth conversations with my mechanic, and shelling out money i didn't have to fix the problem, yet another vehicle issue was definitely not what i needed.
Love the view coming home.

When your household adult "team" is "one deep," as my father calls it, this is not a fun prospect. It took a whopping 13 days to get the vehicle back on the road, and with a snow and ice storm and two days off from school for winter weather in that mix, it was not time i relished.

Still, the "one deep" adult team of this residence has to constantly come up with ways to stay positive about such setbacks, which tend to affect the entire household more deeply than the homes with a "two deep" set of adults. In other words, it takes a lot of grit to deal with a tween who whines about taking the bus, to purchase a 20-pound bag of dog food (cuz it's cheaper than the little ones) and haul it on your bicycle, and to walk for miles on icy sidewalks to pay the rent when even the buses aren't running and your property management company doesn't much care that no one else is getting anywhere on an icy day. Grit, i tell you.

But yes, there is an up side to all this biking around and busing my child to school over the past 13 days. Everyone knows that the holidays are time of overindulgence and of backpedaling on any hopes of fitness that you might have had pre-December 25. But when you're riding the bus and your bike, you tend to drop that holiday weight really fast.

First there was the up side of getting Dengue in that it made me drop pounds; now there's the bus diet to erase the effects of the holidays...

There are other issues afoot right now, but with the lack of funds in my bank account, thankfully ID theft is not one of them. To make sure it doesn't happen to you, check out No Identity Theft, where they make protecting your identity easy.

 Yet another way to drop some weight? Morning sickness! It's not the direction you want the scale to be going when you're pregnant, but it can happen. For info on dealing with nausea and the great fun of morning sickness, check out my friends pregnancy information at Rock the Baby Bump.

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