Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snow Day (Ice Day)

Remember when you were a kid and you waited by the TV to hear if your school was going to be canceled for the day due to snow? 
The last snow day, two years ago...

Things are a little different now. Instead of giving my kiddo the pleasure of the news, she's found out about it via Instagram or Snapchat or something from her friends, before i even bother to get out of bed.

And remember when snow days were the times when you'd bust out the sled and head for the closest hill?

There are a few things not lining up for that. First, what we're dealing with outside right now is not snow, but ice. A lovely white blanket fell this weekend, and then was quickly followed by freezing rain. In the Northwest, that spells nothing but trouble for drivers -- and walkers, for that matter. It's pretty good for people who want to ice skate to the store from their house though.

And the other thing that's not lining up: My tween doesn't want to leave her bed. Is there no longer any hope for sledding days or hopeful kids who rely on their mothers to supply them information about their fates? I don't know. Maybe the Internet needs to go out to find out.

So, so far the highest form of entertainment around here is watching the little mutt slip and slide his way down the hill in our yard, learning the ways of skating instead of walking to his potty spot...

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