Friday, January 1, 2016

Not one resolution, but 75,000

Now is the time of year when we're looking ahead and thinking about what we've done in the past that could have been different.
Holiday ride through Granada, last year. This year, snow.

We're making resolutions to work out more, to eat better, to be better to our friends and family and to clean up our lives. It's great to do all this, but from my perspective it takes a whole lot more than one resolution one time per year to actually make change. Me, i am no better than anyone else, and in the financial department, i'm probably a lot worse. Heck, this year we spent several months living in someone's basement so i could get back on the winning end of my bank account. Moving to another country and then back again with a kid and dog, all within the span of a year, is expensive people.

But i stumbled upon this great list of ways happier, healthier, and more successful people live, and since there are 50 suggestions, something has to stick for most people. For me, it was the idea that i need to make one audacious request per week. I seem to struggle with asking for what i want. Am i like a lot of women, who settle for the first offer and don't advocate for themselves? Is that part of the reason why we make less than men -- simply because we're not audacious enough?

Well enough with that. My goal is to make one audacious request each week -- mostly work-related. I'll pitch the story i really want to write. I'll ask for top dollar from every client. And i'll ask for extra time, extra resources, or extra something anytime i need it. And for all that, i aim to make $75,000 this year. Compared to the earnings of a writer living in Central America with her kid and dog, that's another audacious request that i'm not going to feel bad about making...

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