Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life Outside the Box

I spend most of my days scribbling away at my computer as a freelance copywriter, but lots of people still seemed to get confused about what it is i do.

I don't have a traditional career like nursing or teaching.

I don't head out the door in the morning to a desk in a faraway office.

And i don't have a boss breathing down my neck.

Those are all good things, in my opinion!

Still, i actually do work, people.

There was a skit on one of the most recent seasons of Portlandia -- that truthful, playful bane of every Portlander's existence -- dealing with at-home creative workers. In the skit the characters contemplated going all out and doing a "five hour workday." They talked in circles around what they do, and they got mad at anyone who came into their home, accusing them of interruptions.

Some of that is indeed true, but it's not quite as funny as it all sounds.

Sometimes we do just five hours a day of work, because that's all there is for us to do.

Or sometimes that's all a person can physically handle before productivity goes out the window. People in offices might work for eight hours, but how many of those are spent in meetings, goofing off with co-workers, or in other stuff that doesn't actually get anything done? For the at-home worker, most of the fabled five hours are spent doing solid, productive work.

Oh, and the getting mad about interruptions? That's kind of true.

When you work from home, people just assume you're available for every petty thing they want to talk about. They call you in the middle of the day just to talk. They show up and want to hang out. They do annoying stuff right in your work area, because it also happens to be the living room or the dining room or the place they watch TV. Office workers may have to contend with co-workers who want to goof off, but that's nothing compared to the goofing off friends and family can involve you in.

I am a freelance copywriter and marketing and media consultant who helps businesses tell their story. It sounds pretty simple, but in the thick of the day-to-day, sometimes it gets really hard to execute...

What do you do for work that's outside the box? Let me tell you a little about these folks:

Stephen teaches an online photography course -- and you can win free entry if you visit his site and sign up!

And Jolen has a dream of starting her own pony-drawn carnival, touring around the USA. Check out her fundraising page to help her get started!
Jolen and her #1 fan!

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Jack said...

Oh, yes! I have a day job I do for money, but my other job, the one I do for love, is that of a fiction writer. How often have you been involved in a conversation that goes,

"What are you doing?"


"Oh, good, then I'm not interrupting anything!"

I sometimes (always!) seems like your choices are to give up on what you're doing, or offend your friends to the point that they aren't your friends any more. Hope you find your balance; what you do is a bit more important than what I do. Best of luck, in this and all things...