Monday, January 25, 2016


Ah, today.

Today was one of those days when i long for the good old days, when an ice cream cone and sunshine were all that were needed to make my kiddo happy.

There's sunshine today, but there was also fighting today.

In our house there is no fighting between mom and dad; no kids hiding in the bedroom worrying about whether they're going to get a divorce.

There's only this tween who increasingly disrespects her mother, yet expects to be catered to.

So today, i had to put my foot down and turn the car around, just blocks from where she was supposed to get dropped off for an outing with a friend. Too bad, you blew it.

Today i had to hold my ground and calm myself and remember that the kid crying next to me had done it to herself. That if i continue to let a 12 year old yell at me and then still expect to get privileges, she won't stop yelling.

I remember what it was like being that age and wanting nothing more than to hang with friends. Parents were the people who bankrolled the hangouts. I'm sure my parents did what they could to shut down any bad behavior that went with it, and now i don't begrudge them for doing whatever they had to do.

I'm sure it will be the same with this rebelangel. I just didn't want to deal with it, today...

The time has come for me to really, truly start moving this blog elsewhere so i can really start making it work for me. I'd love any suggestions for platforms that you love! I am leaning toward Wordpress...

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Jack said...

Ah, yes, rattling the cage to see which bars are loose. Remember what I told you a few months back. You decide where it's important to make a stand, and what you can allow to slide. You'll find out in 10-20 years whether you were right.

That isn't meant to discourage you. Total strangers who have followed your incredible journey through your blog trust your instincts; you must trust yourself as well. If your decisions are motivated, not from spite, but from an honest effort to do what's best for that wonderful little girl who, though she doesn't think so, is dependent on you for everything, you can't go too far wrong.

Wishing you the best of luck in this, one of the more perilous parts of the journey. The reward comes later, and if you've done this bit correctly, it will be great!

jessicahateshashtags said...

Have you seen this?

I thought it might be good for some of your work stuff. :)