Monday, December 7, 2015

The Ups and Downs of this Freelance Life

I talk a lot about the wonderful sense of freedom that you get from being a freelancer, out in the world working without a boss.
These dudes. Always making a good first impression.

It's true that it's incredibly liberating and means adventure can be at your fingertips at any moment -- but it's not all sunshine and roses all of the time.

There are times of great uncertainty, when a client suddenly decides they no longer need you anymore, and you find yourself with almost no work to be had on a given day.

There are times when you make list after list trying to make sure you have all the funds you need to cover the bills -- and with that comes the sad realization that there's nothing left for that "adventure" you thought came with this job. (Even though lots of adventures are still free!)

There are things like holidays and gatherings and goings-out that you have to miss, simply because money is tight.

There are days when all you do is put yourself out there, time and again, hoping that someone will recognize your talent, your experience, and your worth. You can never stop doing that, and it's damn exhausting.

There are days when you decide maybe you'll take the "easy" way out and go out and get a job -- so you send out resumes, you even get some interviews, and then you hear nothing from people with whom you met in person. (What is with that?)

Then there are days when opportunities come out of the woodwork and surprise you, and for a little while you feel secure. Those days are rare but they make it all worth it!

Then the next day comes, some other annoying, back-stepping thing happens, and you realize you can never, ever let your guard down when you are living this freelance life. You may be able to do your work while sitting on a beach getting a tan, but you can't ever really, truly take a day off from caring about said work. There are good things and bad things about this life, and in the end i wouldn't have it any other way.

But if you're thinking about doing it yourself, you should know this as your reality...

 What i'm really saying is, freelancing -- or at least freelance writing -- is a constant game of putting yourself out there and making a good impression and hoping it bears fruit.

If you need help in how to make a good impression, check out Larry's article, "Five Ways to Ensure You Make a Good First Impression."

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