Monday, December 21, 2015

The Game

This weekend was probably a prelude of lots of times to come. Both Saturday and Sunday, taken up with sports tournament activities. My kiddo loves playing both soccer and basketball, and you can tell she has the character for it. She's tough, plays hard, helps people up when she knocks them down, and doesn't display that ugly attitude that too many athletes tend toward. It's never boring to watch her play, because she always gives it her all. Gotta love that!

Now i can't wait to give her the hoop she doesn't know is coming -- a solstice gift that will appear in the driveway today!


Dr. Rob Bell just introduced me to his sports psychology book, all about helping kids build their passions, how to talk to them about the games, and how to avoid "externally driven, perfectionist, and stressed competitors." I think i'm going to like this one! Check out Don't Should On Your Kids

Also wanted to give a shout out to This Dad Works Out -- a blog about a single dad who's doing his best to take good care of his daughter and stay in shape too!

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