Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Fake Tree

I tend to get cranky around this time of year, not because i am necessarily a Scrooge, but because i really can't stand the amount of waste that happens all in the name of baby Jesus and Santa. The disposable wrapping, the killing of trees, the kids who want stuff just to want stuff -- it all makes me a bit crazy.

For years i opted for the living tree, one that was in a pot and could be planted outdoors, because i figured it was a good way for my happy little elf to take part in the holiday while also not taking part in the crap-fest that takes over this time of year. That was all well and good, but in the end, i admit, the trees didn't always get planted. One tree sat on our porch and got used for multiple years -- until it got scorched by too much August sun.

Growing up, getting a fake tree was the epitome of vulgarity and we never had one. They don't smell nice and it's sort of absurd, when you think about it, to make a thing that looks like another living thing, but for this year, it suddenly seemed like the right thing to do. For one, there will be no more living trees dying on our porches. For another, i got this one at a deep discount at a thrift store, so i guess you could say i saved it from the landfill. And thirdly, i'll use it over and over and i won't have to feel bad about creating too much waste. When we're done with it this year, off to the garage it goes with all the skates and tools and old toys i have yet to be able to part with.

So here we are, the slightly Scrooge-y and the little blonde elf, with our very own, delightfully tacky fake tree...

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