Monday, November 23, 2015

Our Own Home

It's been more than a year since the bedding, furniture, plates, cups, towels and such that we use have actually belonged to us. It's nice to be detached from things and to realize that you don't need them in order to live a fulfilled life, but at the same time, a place doesn't tend to feel like home unless you have them.

This past year we went from the Nicaraguan bamboo house to the house on the "river" to my parents' cabin in the woods of South Dakota to the basement of our friends' house on beautiful Mt. Tabor in Portland. They've all had their charms and i've been so grateful to provide such wonderful homes for my kiddo -- but when it comes down to it, a duplex in outer Northeast Portland now feels so much more like home than any of those places combined.

There is the art, collected from a dozen trips to a dozen foreign locales. There are the teacups and saucers, the tiny glass trinkets and a set of new-old aprons from my grandma. There are craft boxes and keepsake boxes and old photos and journals that we haven't looked at in years. There are the funky pieces of furniture that other people shake their heads at. There are new things to replace old things that we sold or flung off before the big move. There are garden planters and skis and cool old bikes. There is less junk than before, but still, there will always be at least some junk. That's the way we (i) roll, i guess...

 In short, there are all the trappings of home, and it's a good thing.


There's also nothing quite like the aromas of home -- which you sometimes don't even notice until you're unpacking your stuff.

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