Thursday, October 1, 2015

This American Life

Because who doesn't love dogs in Kiss jackets?!
All around me are people hustling and bustling to and from their jobs and working to love life in between. I am hustling and bustling too -- but in a different way. Sure, this freelance life means i often don't have the same amount of funds that some of my friends do -- but it also means that i can come and go as i please, and i don't have to be stressed about fitting it all in. I have to hustle to make money too -- but i don't expect the world around me to bend at my will to get it all done.

That's the biggest thing that stands out when you've been away from the Matrix of this American life: The fact that a lot of people in a lot of other places don't live lives of stress about going to work, stress about coming home from work, stress about taking care of the home and running around ragged in their off times. There are people out there who take time to contemplate the distinct yellow of a leaf, or to wonder at the jagged lines a little stream of water made on a hill. There are people who look at life and don't just whiz through it. There are people who don't pile their stress onto their kids or burn into their heads that they have to do anything besides live and be an authentic human.

That is not to say that i won't encourage my daughter to go to college or to do good in school or to be a decent person who's not a jerk to others -- but i also want her to take time to breathe the sweet breezes and to see the world around her, not having to see it rush by as she rushes around. I don't nag her at all hours about what she should be doing, because when she's lying around seemingly doing nothing, she's going where her mind wants to go, and that's OK.

Now more than ever i see that this makes me something out of the ordinary -- that it maybe even pisses people off. But to them i say, you do you, and i'll do me. And that means i'll do exactly what i'm doing right now.

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Angel The Alien said...

That is awesome! I grew up with a mother who was a super Type-A person, constantly wanting me to be DOING SOMETHING, and to this day she thinks I'm a lazy bones because when I have free time I prefer to spend it doing something I enjoy... whether that is reading, blogging, doing art, or just lying around... instead of looking around for something "productive" to do, like cleaning something. Days are short, and lives are short, and we should all spend as much time as we can just BEING, instead of constantly DOING!

Nico said...

Thanks Angel! It's good to get stuff done, but yeah, there should be more time for just being. Totally agree!