Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nica Office

These two have it made in the shade. If only there was more shade though.
It is strange to think about, but on this most recent venture into Nicaland, this was one of the only photos i took. Probably because i spent much of my time in this office, gazing out at that lovely pool while these two conspired to fill my head with preschooler talk and baby babble.

The bigger one loved "working" with me in "my" office, pasting puffy stickers on papers while i scribbled away at some case study or sales page or other boring stuff. The baby, meanwhile, just loved being cute.

If only i could paste puffy stickers all day and walk around in my undies, getting in and out of the pool at my leisure!

It's also a photo that shows just how lush life can be when you're working in an office in a really, really nice home in Nicaragua. Yes, you might have to have a fan blowing on you constantly so as not to sweat while you type, but at least you can catch a glimpse of cute babies learning to swim at a very young age, and look forward to your moments of relaxation among the palms and cicadas and cocos... 


Have your own baby just learning to count? Read this counting book with them and they'll be counting forwards and backwards in no time.

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