Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween!

The mad witch.
It's almost Halloween!

In this family, we never have any fun during this holiday.


Usually we stay home and turn the lights off, so that no one comes to our door. If they do, we encourage the dogs to bark loudly so it seems like they're guarding an empty house.

The year A and i entered a talent contest as televangelists.
We wouldn't think of having a costume collection that takes up two entire storage totes, nor would we ever think of teaming up with our friends to create group costumes or go out and have a blast out on the town.

Nope. We are just boring, uncostumed, non-pumpkin carving people, trying to make it in this world of craziness.

Just kidding!

The cheerleading outfit we found, with the name "Lindy" on it!
I've just been looking back at some of the photos from years past, and it looks like we've had lots of fun indeed. In the first photo, i think the rebelangel is only not smiling because i'd told her that she couldn't have any more candy that day.
Cougs at the casino. It's just like it sounds.

What a mean mom i was (am).

Anyway --

Happy Halloween ya'll!

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The gorgeous Cleopatra.
Nana with curlers and her little mutt, and the Nica crew!
Plus, check out Fox in Flats' gorgeous new Hollywood smile -- style and great teeth in one package!
Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga's skeletons.

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