Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This Ocean, That Ocean, Same Ocean

When we first moved to Nicaragua and went to the beach, my kiddo was amazed. Suddenly, she could spend all day among the waves, splashing and riding the swells and stuff... and she'd never get cold. That's because there, the ocean is meant for swimming.
Notice no one swimming?

Here in Oregon, where she's lived almost her whole life, the beach looks more like the photo seen here -- where shoes and socks and jackets and all that stuff are necessary to endure the onslaught of wind and rain. Even in early September, when this photo was taken, i required multiple layers.

It is just so funny to me that this type of ocean situation is what my kiddo is used to, when i think the rest of the world thinks of the ocean as that warm, tropical, sunny type of place where you can spend all day in the water and not emerge with blue lips.

Yet another reason it's good to get the kids out of their comfort zones for a while... 


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