Thursday, September 24, 2015

Looking for housing during Portland's housing crisis? Forget it.

Every morning i wake up in a basement where my bed is in a den, surrounded by the white curtains that give it some privacy, and my first inclination is to lament. It's a basement, after all, and i just moved from a three bedroom three bath with a pool and a maid.
Totally demoted. But at least there are cute dogs here.

But if you're living in Portland -- or you're thinking about moving here -- you have to look at it a different way and say a little prayer of thanks for having somewhere to live at all. Yesterday Portland's mayor declared a state of emergency in relation to the homeless housing situation -- but that problem extends way beyond the houseless to those who have the jobs and the funds to pay for SOME housing, but they're being priced out. In case you haven't heard, this city's rents have skyrocketed, with the fastest-growing rents in the country.

It may not seem so bad if you're moving from San Francisco, but it does if you're moving from Nicaragua.

So i am thankful that i have a place to live, but overwhelmed at the prospect of only being able to  move into an apartment instead of a house for the first time since college. And i'll be paying more for said apartment than i did for any of the rental homes i've lived in in this fair city.

People talk about how it's all due to people from the tech sector moving here for jobs, but i don't see the jobs. This city has always had a relatively unwelcoming environment for businesses, and that's always made jobs scarce. So now i have to wonder where, if they do exist, are all these jobs that are spurring on growth. Maybe i should go and find one...


If you're moving in and around Thunder Bay, Ontario, give T-Bay Movers a call -- and check out their website for some great info for anyone who's looking to move. (Just not to Portland, OK?)

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