Monday, September 28, 2015

Friends Around the World

I'll go for the black.
The title of this blog is Raising a Revolutionary Around the World, and I certainly do. But she's not the only one who gets to make friends and get a slice of the traveling life, obviously.

Before i left Nicaragua this summer, i traveled to Matagalpa in the northern part of the country with a few friends. Like most trips with friends, it was filled with lots of inside jokes and banter. We took a photo a lot like this one, trying to decide which ugly pair of pants would be ours and which ones would be another of our friends'. Now i can't pass by a grouping of these headless pants without thinking of that trip, and the friends who i seem to keep accumulating around the world...

(PS, tell me which pants you want.)


Meanwhile the girl has made friends with some international kids who just moved to the city. It's great to see the tradition continuing, even here. Another great thing that's happening: she's loving being back in a big class where they can do math and science in a bigger way.

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