Monday, September 14, 2015

Dreams of Travel

We have barely set our suitcases down, but i'm dreaming of picking mine up again.

When i told my daughter i wanted to go back to Nicaragua next month, her reaction was a solid "Nnnooooooo!"

OK, got it -- she's done with that place for a while. But for me, an opportunity has presented itself, and that means back again to the land of lakes and volcanoes without her, just for a little while.

More on that later -- but the point right now is: i give myself permission to lead a life that involves as much roaming as possible. If you deign to be a naysayer and tell me that i shouldn't, you shouldn't. This is my one life. I'll live it the way i want. You go ahead and do yours.

The quote -- and image -- above is from QuotesHunter, which has a whole page of quotes about love. This one especially caught my eye today!

And for those women whose dream it is to have a child without a partner, don't let anyone be the naysayer that stops you! The team at Hanka Lifestyles is producing a video about women who have children without partners, by choice. If you're one of them, check out the site to be part of the film.

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