Thursday, August 13, 2015

When your dog doesn't know you

There's probably a country song out there about the sad day when even your dog doesn't love you.

You know, since all country songs seem to revolve around trucks, losing women and the loyal dog, a really, really sad country song would of course involve losing the dog's loyalty.

I'm not sure whether i've lost her loyalty, but in the time that we've been gone, my old dog has lost most of her hearing and a good portion of her sight. When we were reunited on our first day back in Portland, she hardly reacted at all. It was a bit disappointing, because in times past she's rolled around on the floor and sneezed and whined when i came home, even after a weekend away.

The old lady's daytime past time. And night time.
This one, though, i have to chalk up to the fact that she's 14 and senile and probably just a little bit peeved at me for ditching her during her twilight years. Honestly, any time she'd come into my mind when we were in Nicaragua, i'd quickly say a prayer that she'd be there when we came home, and then just as quickly put her out of my mind. When you've had a loyal companion for this long and then you have to make the choice between her comfort and your daughter's global education (OK yes, that was an optional choice, but still) it is not fun to have to decide to ditch the loyal pup.

When we left town a year ago, we left our rented house to our friends who rented it and were already in the house when we departed. The morning we left the house was relatively free of furniture, and my friends said the old lady dog scrabbled around the empty house, sniffing, poking at the windows and looking for us, knowing we'd gone and wondering whether we were coming for her. I haven't been able to speak that memory until now, because it was just too painful to recall. Now that we're back, it's kind of OK to bring it up. 

These days the old lady mostly days around on a cold floor, struggles up steps, pants around the house when she's ready to go outside, and growls a little when the little dogs get too close to her food. In short, life is mostly about sleeping. After a lackluster reunion, she chooses to sleep near me over any other people in the house, so i guess she knows me and remembers me... but i've missed out on the year when she went from a somewhat peppy pup to an old, old lady whose friends and family quietly wonder whether she'll make it to her next birthday...

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Rob said...

Tried the barbie quiz and well this is embarrassing I scored 7 out of 10 on Barbie!!!!!

My manhood is tarnished forever:)