Friday, August 28, 2015

The Budget

Summer fun at the Washougal River -- for free. Except gas. There's always gas.
If i had one big gripe about living on the west coast -- and probably living in the US in general -- it would be the speed at which i bleed cash.

When you live in a foreign country in which there simply aren't that many outings, attractions or hobbies for kids -- and adults -- to take up, you're sorta OK with chilling by the pool all day and going to bed early.

Here, there are things to do every day and every night. Every major street has its street fair, art night, boutique sale, hobby-inspired gathering, freak show, happy hour and more, just begging for you to go drop cash.

Meanwhile, kids activities aren't cheap either. Outfitting this kiddo for soccer -- let alone for a school year in which she had almost no appropriate clothing (loose tank tops and short shorts that fit over bikinis won't cut it in this climate) has been a total drain. Eating all the yummy food that is lurking around every street corner or on the shelves of the grocery store -- every non-GMO, grass fed, organic bit of it -- is like an evil plot set against my savings account.

If i had a budget before this -- a dash at diligence and austerity that some doe-eyed, Latin America-living expat dreamed up -- it is sadly, sadly gone by the wayside. Meanwhile we are living in our friends' basement -- one step up from living in my parents' basement. De-moted.

At the very least, we do still have good weather on our side, where we can hop out to one gorgeous river spot or another and soak up the sun while we watch little muttering streams of water pass through rocks, and jump off cliffs and just generally forget the conspiracy of living on the west coast -- that conspiracy of things to do that means there's never enough...


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April said...

Forgive me if this is bad form, but I just happen to have an eBook available, Balancing the Single Mom Budget, that might interest you!

Nico said...

Thanks for the tip April! I think I've been to your blog before -- you once mentioned an app you're using that rounds up the purchases on your debit card and invests it -- what was that app again? I want it!