Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pickathon 2015

 Anyone who's been to Pendarvis Farm for Pickathon, the annual summer music festival, knows the iconic image seen here to the right. The sails above the main stages provide shade in the heat, which always seems to blaze over this festival.

This year our homecoming in Portland was very brief; we spent a day or so in town and then quickly went to this other "home" of ours -- this dusty, forested, bustling home where we get our fill of great music, reconnect with friends and just generally have a great time.

This year, it was allegedly "boring" for my tween, even though i let her bring a friend along.
What can you do? You bring your child back to the country for which she's been pining all these many months, and then to the festival for which she has so many great memories, and all she can do is tell you that it's boring.

I think she was being a bit dramatic... but what you gonna do?

I had forgotten that on top of being rife with great music, Pickathon is also rife with gorgeous men. Where are they the rest of the year? In case you need some help in that department, Two to Mingle might be able to help out...

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