Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Traveling here and there and then back again has a way of making you realize -- again -- that home is not just one place. Home has always been that way for me, an Army brat with a new place to live every few years, but after living in Portland for the better part of the 2000's, i guess i kinda forgot.

There are lots of kinds of homes.
Little dog in his nest in the truck-home.

There are homes that are yours and that you pay for. There are homes that are your family's, and will (almost) always be open to you. There are homes that are large and expansive -- like the way i like to call "The West" my home, with its wide open skies, its sweet pines and firs, and its many looming mountains. There are homes that are countries -- like the USA and Nicaragua are now to both me and my daughter. Germany, China and Mexico have also counted among them for me too.

Then there are mini homes within homes -- like the school my kiddo will return to, the neighborhood that has welcomed us back here in Portland. All these homes and more have we seen in just the span of a few weeks.


There are even online homes that give people places to belong. Bondswell -- a new website -- is one of those types of homes -- where creative people from all over the world can come to gather and find other people who want to take part in the same type of creative pursuits as you do. Whether you're a writer, painter, graphic artist, gamer, video professional, traveler, nature lover, or any other type of creative person, you'll probably find someone with whom you can bond on that site.

(Note: There's a big fat link on the side of this blog to Bondswell -- and its early entry code -- in case you want to check it out)

There are all kinds of homes out there; some you can see in real life -- others that take shape in pixels. But they'll all help you along in this wild journey....

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