Monday, August 31, 2015

Doing Something

I love this quote from one of bernArt's t-shirts: "Doing something is better than getting nothing done."

What does that mean to you? Does it imply that doing nothing is bad -- or does it mean (like i think it does) that sometimes you just have to get going doing something? There are so many days as a freelancer when i think "i'll just screw around today... i don't need to work." But i do need to work. I need the money.

So then i decide to do one little thing. And that little thing gets my brian moving and gets me motivated to do one more little thing. And all of a sudden the entire day is done and i've even forgotten to stop for lunch. Not stopping to eat is not living in balance, but the point is, sometimes you just have to start something even when you really don't want to.

People who work in offices and cubicles and for other people probably encounter this a lot more than i do -- but as an at-home worker, i find it a handy piece of advice.


By the way, bernArt has a lot of other cool t-shirts too, all with positive statements aimed at elevating people's moods and attitudes. Who said you can't buy inspiration? Check out bernArt site here and get some t-shirts!

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