Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Family Truck

This crew really, really loves trucks. And each other.
Coming home to your parents' house first thing after a year abroad is a nice way to re-enter. There's good food and loving hugs and kids who follow you around as if you're a queen. There are clean sheets with good thread count, swimming pools, grills, and hours that are filled to the brim with all the good things of home.

It's been two weeks of that, but now it's time for us to pack our (new) truck and get on the road, back to where we've lived for more than a decade. With leaving our family home and going out into the "real" world again comes the knowledge that not every day will be country clubs and 4 o'clock cocktail hour; it will be back to getting insurance, paying bills, packing school lunches, commuting to and from kids' activities, keeping kids from the horrible fate of being bored. Of course, it will also be home -- but with a re-entry into real reality comes the stress too. There's also fear of the unknown, which was once known, and a hope that this time we'll do things even better than the last.

Leaving our mark on the new family truck.
We are fortunate to get to come home to loving arms who send us away in the family truck -- now ours for a bargain basement price -- the very same truck that hauled nearly every single material used to build my parents' house, including giant logs and timbers. Everything, minus the concrete. In spite of that payload it's still in good shape, and now emblazoned with our own mark.

May it bring us home safely, and then back and forth to and from our other home safely many times more in the future...

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