Wednesday, July 1, 2015


In Nicaragua, everything is amplified.

I don't just mean literally -- but i mean that too. Speakers tend to run on the giant end, hoisted onto trucks where they troll the streets making announcements about cell phone deals and funerals. Music is amplified from stores, restaurants, gyms, plazas, homes, hotels... loud.
Swam in this water the day before the sickies. Culprit?

But in a more literal sense, other things are amplified too. If you get a cut, it could turn into a nasty infection quick. If your dog gets in a fight, it could quickly amplify into an all-out little dog war between him and the neighbor dog. If the sun sits on your face for a short time, you'll feel the burn quickly, and you'll burn bad if you're in it for an afternoon.

That kind of thing.

It's also the same if you just happen to get some kind of bug. Virus, bacteria, whatever -- it's going to be amplified.

I can't remember the last time i was laid out in bed for four days with an illness. A puky virus here and there, a quick blip of raised temperature once in a while, yes, but never this...never this barely out of bed, can't keep down water, body ache from lying down too much kind of stuff. I was out so long, i kicked my caffeine habit. I couldn't have even drunk a cup if i wanted to.

On top of the tropical virus raging on, the other thing that was amplified was my sense of homesickness. I was so ready to power through the last week or so here; to work, to go out and see things, to pick up those last few souvenirs for friends, to take photos of the streets, and then to leave. But being sick and not having my daughter, my mom, or many friends around to take care of me made me want to LEAVE all the more.

It's scary to pick up a virus that you know nothing about, no matter what the circumstances, but when you do it when you have the lowest number of friends in town that you've had all year, it's even scarier. Like what if that one friend wasn't around to catch your call when you needed to go to the hospital? What if what if?

Everything is OK now and i seem to be on the mend, but still, even the what ifs are amplified in Nicaragua. 


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Rebecca Price said...

Sorry to hear of your maladies! Time to come home mamma! xo