Thursday, July 16, 2015

Parks and Grass

Splash pad with the niece and nephew
There's nothing like being in a place with very little for families to do to make you really, really appreciate how much your country has to offer.

Nicaragua is rife with lakes and beaches, but it's seriously lacking in parks and grass. Sometimes, all you want to do is to pack a picnic basket, lay down a blanket and chill under a swaying tree. Sure, you could try that in Nicaragua, but ants would quickly populate your blanket and the poky pseudo-grass would come to assault you.

When night comes at six p.m. in Nicaragua, it's either go to some plaza and drink a few beers, or hole up in the house and read books and go to bed early. Now being somewhere where there's live music every night, festivals and gatherings nearly every weekend, splash parks open all the time, green grass waiting for picnics, and parks galore to give the kids something to do, it's almost overwhelming.

So when we take these things for granted, all you need to do is remove yourself for a year or so and you'll get that gratitude right back.

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Thanks - i look forward to seeing you around here!