Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nicaragua, Nicaraguita

We came in the night, when there was little to see but the occasional man walking down the highway, and dusty streets that looked menacing and deserted.
Bye bye Granada...

I left in the night too, or early morning rather, when there was little to see but everything. Beyond the black i saw the friends sleeping in their colonial houses, the yellow cathedral lighting the way in the center of the city, the children rising early from the barrios to milk the cows before school, the cyclists and runners lacing up sneakers to exercise before the heat of the day. I saw the mountains, the lakes, the forests and the dusty plains.I heard but could not hear the sounds of the bombas, the bachata sweetly playing for breakfast, the mothers calling to children and chasing away the neighborhood dogs, hoping for a morsel of morning gallo pinto. I saw Nicaragua in my mind's eye as if she were actually visible. I felt but could not feel Nicaragua, Nicaraguita, one last time.

Two hours later i saw her getting smaller and smaller as we rose up in the sky and flew away from her -- her glassy lagos inside and between volcanoes, steaming and barely glowing like put-out matchsticks. She became poetic in my mind's eye again, as she could not as i was waiting to leave her.

So it is with so many things -- you think you want away, away, but the moment you do so, you see all the reasons you could have stayed.


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