Friday, July 10, 2015

Moving by Plane

There's something so simple about being able to move by airplane. Everything you need -- and more -- is folded and piled up and zipped into a few bags, stacked neatly by the door in wait of your departure time. You and a taxi driver are able to load everything -- everything you've cared about and cared for during the past year -- into a car in a matter of about two minutes. That's it.
Always ready to roll to the next destination.

It seems so simple, yes, but for me, that "adventure" also included hauling a giant iMac desktop computer on the plane with me. For someone who does video editing, a laptop that snugs neatly into a backpack simply won't do -- and especially for an entire year. So that meant wrapping the computer in bubble wrap, placing it in a duffel bag, and praying for mercy from the flight attendants who were going to see me coming down the aisle with a dog carrier duffel bag, a huge purse that was more like another duffel bag, and this other duffel bag that could barely -- if at all -- slide into that carry-on size measuring thing they set outside the gates.

When you move by truck, you don't necessarily have to pray for mercy from flight attendants or have to pare down your stuff to two suitcases and two duffel bags, nor stuff your little dog under a seat for an entire day. It is a weird way to move, and though it doesn't include very much stuff, it is stressful nonetheless. I arrived back home in the USA very sweaty and sore from lugging a computer and a dog and an extra duffel around customs halls and long terminals in three different airports. But alas, i arrived, and buying a big green salad was one of the first things i did when i was able to put down my burdens.

Moving by plane, though, means unpacking and reorganizing gets easier. You have only a couple suitcases to sort through in order to find all the things you need to restart life. So that's something...

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