Thursday, July 23, 2015

I Love the Air, It Doesn't Love Me

I made this photo into a puzzle! Check the link at the bottom of this post.

Scenes like this are why i love the Black Hills. Sunsets over the Hills are always gorgeous and filled with color, and the summer nights are not buggy or humid or muggy or miserable as you wait for the heat to go away.

On the flip side, it is so dry here that for a person whose lungs are used to the tropics, it borders on cruel. I've already spent way too much time languishing as i get over Dengue fever -- and now the dry air is further conspiring against me. The rebelangel experienced the same thing when she arrived here -- my parents thinking she'd come down with strep throat or some other sickness.

It's funny when you look forward to something so much and want it to hurry up and happen... and then when it does, that thing or that place conspires to make you feel worse for doing it.

That's meant a lot of days reading books in bed, watching movies with the nieces and nephews, and far fewer days out in the Hills enjoying the view...

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