Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Global Citizens

Something strange happens when you spend time wishing for what you're going to do after the thing you're currently doing. While you wait, you make friends... and all of a sudden what you thought you wanted to escape is what you want to stay with you.

Those are the kinds of experiences i've wanted to teach my little rebelangel on this grand adventure of ours.
She's been waiting and wishing for the time to come when she would head back home to the United States and leave Nicaragua behind -- but when the time was almost near, she cried her eyes out. Mostly, on account of the good friends she was going to leave behind, and one in particular. She'd been so focused on getting the heck out of here and getting back to her old friends, her bike, her sports teams and her old routines, that she hadn't even considered that she'd made a life here that she'd also miss.

Maybe it's strange to wish for that exquisite type of pain for your child -- to want her to feel that complex feeling of wanting to be in multiple places at once. But behind the obvious pain of coming and going and saying goodbye is the knowledge that you have options. You no longer live a life that is tied to one city or one school; you are now a global citizen, complete with all the joy and pain that comes with it. There is gratitude and wisdom in that title, and yes, also heartache.

But it was worth it, wasn't it, my dear?


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Deb... the red head said...

You write what I have been thinking lately of our recent change. So much learning and growing this year.

MonBanez said...

Our life is truly purposeful. To become other's blessing!