Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sunset San Juan

Infinity pool at Pelican Eyes, San Juan's luxury resort
 It's been a fun week of showing my parents around Nicaragua.

It's always interesting to see things through someone else's eyes -- to notice again the dust and grime, but also to see other people's impressions of Nicaraguans (friendly and jovial, for the most part) the food (not quite as good as Mexico maybe, but basically good and wholesome) the roads (could be better, especially near the beach) and the accommodations in the various towns (not much in the way of luxury places -- it's more of a backpacker or mid to low-range tourist destination)

We are devoid of many of the creature comforts we
The sunset view from our casita at Pelican Eyes
have back home, but we still have amazing sunsets, gorgeous beaches, and "experiences" galore. (If you're looking for a way to get those creature comforts you love at a discount, check out iherb, a site where you can get low prices on vitamins, supplements, non-toxic household items, and more, all at a discount!) 

There's good and bad, different and same -- and one of these days really soon, there's going to be no more of this life -- at least for a while. I took this photo of the last sunset over San Juan that my baby is going to see for a while... Maybe even until she's of backpacker age and can travel here herself...


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