Saturday, June 20, 2015


Now is the time of the year when i'm usually alone -- when my daughter goes to her grandparents' for a summer of tennis, country clubs and swimming. Most years, i spend it biking around town, catching up on work, and of course, living more like a single person would.

Parting shot of the lil lady, under a Nicaraguan martyr
This year though, i'm still in Nicaragua, where the dating scene is pretty sad for people my age -- and where i am more content just to stay home and enjoy the afternoon in the AC. I go outside to sweat and walk the streets a bit, but truth be told, i am sort of biding my time until it's time for me too to go home. In short, i'm over here.

I have a list of things to do and places to see while i'm still in Nicaragua... even the nice museum down the street from my house that i have yet to visit after 10 months here. But for the most part, i am loving being sola...


For those who are less-than-content flying solo, two things to check out:

First, Music Match 2 Love, which connects music lovers with others with the same tastes -- opening soon!

And also, The Catholic Guide to Dating After Divorce -- written to help people find love again!

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