Monday, June 8, 2015

No Hay Lugar Como Hogar

Check out this girl.

This is her, long before there was Spanish or theatre or living abroad in her life. She was total love then and she still is now.

Getting ready with Grandma
Today, she's celebrating her success in playing the lead in the school play - El Mago de Oz -- or The Wizard of Oz, as it's known in English. In this version, all of the dialogue was in Spanish; all the songs in English. She and the rest of her cast members are all comfortable enough in both languages to toggle back and forth throughout the production.

 It's just yet another wonderful way she's experienced life here and lived it to the fullest -- these last moments of being an expat kid straddling two worlds.

Posing with some of the cast
At the end of The Wizard of Oz, there's that famous line, "there's no place like home," or in Spanish -- "No Hay Lugar como Hogar." You can bet that when this girl was saying it in the play, she was thinking of how in a few short weeks, she'll find out how true indeed that really is...


I really admire single mamas who have the gumption to go out and live life to the fullest -- like Katie does. She's written a book, Single Momma Doesn't Have to Mean Drama, which ya'll should definitely check out!

And while we're featuring books written by mothers -- here's another one worth a review. Mummy's Still Here is a sequel to Jeanne D'Olivier's novel Mummy Where Are You? This one is the story of how a mother who reported the sexual abuse of her son and eventually lost her child to the alleged abuser. 

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Rebecca Price said...

Just catching up on your posts, so many of them give me a tear or two! She is growing into such a beautiful girl! So impressed what an adventure you have achieved! Can't wait to kiss your faces!