Monday, June 22, 2015

Moody Monday

It's Monday, but with a lack of any routine, it doesn't feel like it. Outside the neighboring children pad past the house, on their way to school, dogs bark, motorcycles rev up in the distance, and the local flour processing plant kicks up its usual hum. But inside this house, everything is quiet.

I know i should be enjoying these last couple weeks of solitude and the lack of places to be. I should be soaking it up and using this time to get stuff done -- organizing the thoughts in my head and finishing off the novel i started when i got here. But with the bed on the opposite corner of the pool empty, it all seems so empty.

I came here, mostly, for my daughter and for her education in this wide world. So with her out of here, i barely have energy left to try anymore. I can't say i'm entirely looking forward to the financial strain and the general stress of finding a new place to live and returning to my U.S. life, but this place also doesn't feel right anymore either.

In a couple days i will muster the energy to head to the mountains with some friends -- a welcome respite from the heat. Up there in coffee country, everything is mas fresco, they say, and maybe it will bring back some of my mental energy and help me start looking ahead...

We may be headed to coffee country, but that doesn't mean i'm not in the mood for some tea once in a while... If you are too, check out Teasenz, an online retailer and wholesaler of authentic Chinese tea, sourced from traditional tea regions and shipped to your door.

And if you're traveling in the Adriatic and looking for something to do with your kids, check out this helpful site of things to do in Dubrovnik with kids -- it looks gorgeous there! 

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