Monday, June 1, 2015

Ladies Night

It seems that no matter how hard life seems to be, it all gets just a little bit easier when you have your ladies to lean on.

Great service in the Intercontinental sushi bar
When i arrived here in Nicaragua, i was quickly introduced to a great group of ladies who love to laugh, play games and just generally cut loose. We've been loyal to our Thursday night ladies nights for quite some time, and indeed, that just makes life so much sweeter.
Elevator dancing

Action shot of getting ready in the cool AC
This week though, we decided to take ladies night up a notch and head to the capital city of Managua for a night in one of the city's nicest hotels, complete with employees opening doors, sushi, a sprawling pool and a delicious breakfast buffet. Oh, and tons of air conditioning. (If you're in need of your own AC unit, check out Neil's reviews for the best portable air conditioners here) When you live in the constant heat, a room blasting with AC is just pure heaven. You almost never want to leave.

The Hotel Real Intercontinental is not a place where you have typical Nica worries like "how long is it going to take to get another drink around here?" ....did i leave the house clean so i don't have to come back to a disorganized mess? (if you need some help organizing a colonial house, check out these handy FECA suction cups, great for tile walls!)...or even "what about bed bugs?!"

Nope. Just luxury, like you'd find anywhere else in any big city in the world. (In case you're dealing with a case of bed bugs in your part of the world, check out Defensive End, a natural solution for that ugly problem)

Mimosas poolside. Are we really in Nicaragua?
Getting out of the city was filled with its usual doses of pre-trip anxiety -- can i get it all done? Will we all be ready to go on time? Will the kids behave? But that was quickly washed away -- like the moment we got out of town.

Then it was time for a luxurious dinner, live music at Quilombo, a cool artist's enclave, and dancing the night away at Chaman, a bar whose building is literally a pyramid. It's everything a good Latin American club should be -- with a clean white blacklit dance floor and good DJs inside, and outside, a live salsa band to mix it all up.

The next morning it was lounging in our AC enclave, great breakfast, and to top it all off -- mimosas. What ladies night would be complete without mimosas in the morning?

We might all be back to our lives today, but we're all still dreaming about the best ladies night ever...

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