Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Teen Beauty

Every night, the rebelangel twists her hair into some strange combination or another, trying to achieve big wide looping curls for school the next day. Often they're pinned up with bobby pins; last night she used some of the many plastic bags in our bag drawer.
Green clay -- a wonder for Nicaraguan grime.

(When you live in Latin America, your plastic bag collection -- which you reuse, of course! -- warrants an entire deep drawer.)

In typical tween fashion though, she usually gets frustrated and doesn't like the look and ends up putting her hair back in a braid every day.

The rebelangel, who really has become more angel than rebel since we've been here, has always been into hair, makeup, and other girly things her mama can't seem to care too much about -- but when you live in Nicaragua, both of our inclinations toward beauty have been amplified. OK, mine are still decidedly hippy-ish -- getting the mercury out of my mouth, finding coconut oil a great substitute for the organic lotions and hair products i can't get here... but for her, the combination of getting close to being a teen and living in a country where femininity is encouraged has turned the rebelangel into the girl who pores over YouTube every night for just the right treatment for her (non existent) acne, and the girl who tries turning all manner of tropical fruits into hair gel.

I tell her she's perfect just the way she is, but it's also kind of fun to see what she's going to do next...

If you're ready to take your beauty routine to the next level and to actually become a makeup artist, The Event Makeup Artist just released a new at-home certification program! Looks like a fun new career...

And when it's really, truly time for us to fly away from our Latin American home, we'll be checking out AddFlight, where you can get quotes for cheap flights, and only pay the finder's fee if they find you one!

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