Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mother's Day #2

When you're living in a country that is not your own, you get to pick and choose among the holidays you want to celebrate. Don't like Christmas? Go somewhere that doesn't have it! Love Mother's Day? Celebrate it twice by living in Nicaragua.
Happy Mother's Day, Nica style

Today is Mother's Day in our adopted home, and so that means i woke to yet another Mother's Day card left on my bedside table. On American Mother's Day i awoke to breakfast in bed and made calls to my own mom. Today, i awoke to the sounds of music drifting from some city park or another, which, in grand Nicaraguan fashion, will be celebrating a single-day occasion over the entire weekend.

Extending holidays as long as possible is just how they roll. Yesterday it was the Feria de Madres at the mall, complete with displays of all the material goods you could buy for mama. Last night it was live music in the central park and all the satellite parks around, with loud music competing for dominance across the airwaves. Today, it will be mothers bustling from this kid's house to that one -- a lack of taxis as a result -- plus fireworks, food, and Nica ladies coiffed and dressed in their finest heels. Naturally, these mamas who become mamas at an early age and have lots of kids deserve a day of recognition.

Me, the expat, gets two days...

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Happy Mother's Day -- again -- everyone!

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curtis03 Lewis said...

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