Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's the Little Things

It's not over yet, but there's certainly plenty to look back on regarding this grand Nicaragua adventure we've been on.

My kiddo is darn near fluent in Spanish and sounds like a Nica -- even in spite of herself. She's gone through many episodes of total denial of host culture, but she's come out on this side as a person with a lifelong skill and a load of life experience. That's something, for sure.
Cool kids painting the view of Casa Bambu, so we don't forget.

Through her Nica friends, she knows what it's like to live in a house with boards for walls and no shower.

She knows to be grateful for little things like having more than one pair of shoes. She delights in things like having a toaster (which we now get to enjoy in the new house).

She knows that her instincts tell her a lot and she should trust them -- but at the same time, that most people are just people trying to get by and mean no harm.

She knows she has the best family in the world, because one of them is willing to take her on an epic adventure, while some others are willing to whisk her away from it and take her shopping. She loves shopping, even though she really hasn't done it in a year.

When she gets home, she'll love that she gets to buy clothes that fit her and aren't 100 percent polyester, and she'll get to decorate her room the way she wants. (You can bet she'll be gunning for some of these tree wall stickers or other cool stuff for her walls.)

She knows that friends don't have to be in your social class, your school class or of your own nationality. Some things just click.

She knows her pets are lucky too -- and she cares for them like they mean something.

She knows that her home country is pretty dang great -- and even if she goes through the typical young-person thing of questioning everything, she'll already know what it's like to live both in and away from her home. Some people have to wait til college to do that -- or they never do it at all.

She's ready to go to said home, but at the same time, she's also starting to talk about where we should go next. Asia anyone? 

We are headed home this summer, yes, but this digital nomad lifestyle means we could be planning our next adventure sometime soon, and Asia is definitely on both of our lists. If and when the next adventure includes Phuket, Thailand, you may just find us at the PhuketFit Retreat, a retreat center and fitness center featuring yoga, detox and other great programs.

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