Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Groundhog Day

When i first moved here, a new friend told me he felt like every day was like the movie Groundhog Day. Every day the same, not much in the way of variety. I wasn't totally on board with that -- yet.
Running back to the border on Saturday, again!

Now that i've been living in Nicaragua for a while, i get where he was coming from. So much of life here is the same, day after day. It's always hot, for one. While i love warm weather, no changes in the seasons can make you go a little batty. It's been wicked hot for about two months though, so now that it's starting to get a bit cooler (like 94 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 99) you begin to appreciate the subtle changes.

For me, work is also like Groundhog Day. Every day, writing career articles, garden pieces, and SEO content for clients. It pays the bills and allows me to live in a house with a maid, pool and cable, but it also keeps me in the golden handcuffs where i don't break out much. Yesterday though, coincidentally the first day of mercury retrograde, one of my longstanding gigs ended, making me feel, today, a bit desperate and ready for some change. I have a big article coming out in a major magazine soon, so that's progress. I have to remind myself that i can be successful as a real freelance writer, and to spend less time doing things that are the same, same every day.

Every night, with me doing the cooking, is also like Groundhog Day. I make the same seven or eight recipes, and the rebelangel complains. But with the ingredients i'm used to quite limited, and some of the old standbys even being wild cards, it's tough to branch out. A week or two ago i decided to make fried chicken -- something i hadn't made before -- and it turned out i'd bought the wrong brand and the chicken tasted like soap. I'm not making that up. So it was back to the same Groundhog Day recipes we eat all the time.

Breaking out of your norm and living life as an expat involves a lot of changes and adjustments, but eventually, it all becomes normal, mundane, and even downright boring. Such is life, all over the world...

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