Monday, May 4, 2015

Hanging in There

As a freelancer who lives on the global economy, i really have nothing tying me to one place or another -- except that my child needs to be rooted and have a valuable school experience. We committed to staying throughout this school year, and that roots us to one place, at least for a while. If it were just me and my work schedule dictating our moves, we'd probably be out of here by now.
Happy birthday to my big girl -- now 14!

Things have come full circle, and i am cool with letting it be at that. The rainy season is back -- as it was in full swing when we arrived -- so we are back to hearing the rain pound and pound on our metal roof, while we try to stay out of the splashes that come into the house from the gaps between the walls and roof. That's living in a Central American house for you.

We are back to hearing the fumigators blasting their diesel engines down the street, demanding to come in everyone's home and spray.

We are back to that sweaty heat that comes before a rain.

We are back to seeing the pool turn green after every shower, and having the pool guy lecture us about how our surrounding trees are doing it. (OK, great, but we don't own the house and aren't inclined to cut down giant trees...)

Me, i am back to thinking about home a lot more, and wishing i was there. Everything has come full circle and i'm good with seeing one turn around the sun from this place. One turn that is not. quite. done. And it's making the last bits of the turn turn slow, slow.

Plus, tomorrow is my elderly dog's birthday, and Mother's Day is coming up, and i'm missing out on planting a garden and watching my chickens peck the drying earth. Being here is great when being home is cold and grey, but now it's hot and rather hellish and my daughter has to star in the school play before we can leave... so it's all just all a big waiting game.


Looking for a way to send love to your mama from far away this Mother's Day? Make one of these video animations for Mother's Day, using your photos or videos! Cool, huh?

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