Friday, May 1, 2015

April, the longest month

April seemed like the longest month in history. I love the heat, don't get me wrong, but when it's 99 degrees and above for days on end -- for a month or whatever it's been -- you start losing your will to live.
That sun, searing in April in Central America.

You daydream about eating hot chicken soup and not dripping sweat over the bowl.

You think about cool fall days and what it's like to wear shoes. With socks.

You lie around so much that you wonder whether your sweaters will fit you anymore, when you finally get the chance to pull them out of storage.

You try to remember what the local town square looks like, because it's just too hot to walk there anymore. You dream of shade, pools, and cool, cool air.

Yes, the hottest month was the longest month -- and i'm glad it's now over.

How's this for hot and cold? The Warm and Tote lunchbox keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold... all with the same bag, and all the way to lunchtime. I wonder how it stacks up in April's heat...

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