Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Good Review

As a single parent, it's up to me to get myself up in the morning on time, make sure the house is handled, the lights stay on and that i stay in front of my computer long enough to make the dough we need to survive. I suppose you could say i'm doing OK thus far -- because the lights are still on and people still come back to re-hire me for new writing jobs.

The bright, bright light of my life.
But i'm always up my own ass for something or another. I berate myself for not getting enough done, for not pitching enough articles to top-quality magazines, for letting this or that slide, or for being a grump with a lack of positive self-talk. I love the "10 Signs You're Making Life Harder than It Has to Be" post on the Power of Positivity site today, which included this: 

"We are usually our toughest critics, so start giving yourself more positive reviews."

In a world where we're reviewed by our bosses (or our clients), where we read reviews before we decide where to eat -- thus letting other people's opinions overshadow our own -- and where everything has been talked about, rated, graded and degraded to death, we do it to ourselves too.

Thus, i'll just keep trying to adopt an attitude of gratitude that the lights stayed on. That my daughter loves school and gets up and gets herself dressed with little prodding. That i'll have a nice cold beer tonight, mixed with yummy lime and chile. That simple things like this will get me through to the next day.

Today, i give myself a good review. 

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