Saturday, April 4, 2015

When They Go

We are on a roll here, most of the time
living our lives, trying to stay cool
but when someone comes our roll is rattled,
we have to find a new middle.

When they go,
we go down, down, across, sideways
searching for a way to straddle two worlds.


Carlito on the ferry, with isla Ometepe behind.

Our friends left yesterday, after two and a half weeks. I was expecting some sadness from the rebelangel, but really it's been me who's been a little more off. In the midst of Holy Week and constant guests, i haven't had to face the fact that we live relatively isolated lives here in Nicaragua.

We miss out on a lot... family, friends, peaceful quiet and access to abundant services... in exchange for warm weather and as much beach and pool time as we want. We're getting good at Spanish and our skins are a bit thicker for all the dust and chaos we encounter daily. If we had a car to get out of the madness of the city a bit more often, things would be really, really good. (But one of these e-bike conversion kits from e-bike rig could also take the bite out of biking in the sun!)

Still, when our friends go, we ache to go with them. We wonder what it's going to be like when we're the ones looking through the back window of a taxi, waving goodbye. We straddle two worlds until our legs can stretch no further and we have to choose one or the other -- and the one we choose isn't always the one we thought we'd pick. So it goes with trying to raise a revolutionary. We all become something we didn't expect -- and we long for things we didn't anticipate.

Homesickness has a dozen shades, and this is just one of many.

Sunset off the coast of Lake Cocibolca, from the Ometepe ferry.


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