Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rayo en la Noche

I was in my usual position in front of the fan last night when the world around me started to flash... little bits of light, every once in a while, over Lake Cocibolca.

I knew what that meant, and i couldn't have been happier.

Back home in the wetness of Oregon, the prospect of rain is met with a sigh. Here it is again. Damn. 

Here though, it is met with that feeling of wanting to run out in the streets and shout praises to the heavens. It means that the time has passed when you're sitting in a restaurant three hours past sundown, sweating for lack of a breeze. It means that you might be able to actually get something done past 12 pm, when a hot sun beats down on your roof and renders your oscillating fan nearly useless. Hot air blown on you, even in an oscillating fashion, is not pleasant.

So while back home we meet the rain with a resigned sigh, knowing we'll be covered by the low dark for months and months to come, here we love it, we move around in it, we welcome it like a lover.

Lightning in the night -- so great to see.


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