Sunday, April 26, 2015

Off This Ride

No matter where you are and how much fun you're having, there may come a time when you want off the ride.
This world, which i love...

This is the exquisite beauty and pain of living in plural world -- when you arrive in one place and come to love it, it means you'll be missing another one.
The other world, still missed...

So you bounce back and forth and try to maintain a center in all that bouncing. Sometimes it works and you feel great -- other times you need to employ every trick in the book to feel right again. Healthy food. Sunshine. More time with friends, less worrying... self-help books, affirmations, prayers... alla that.

Sometimes it works; sometimes you just need off the ride. That's where i am today -- though the wait to get off is long and it there will be many more days of up and down and sideways before the ride stops.


Goodness, do i miss the world where i can visit my wise naturopaths and let them guide me. If you're in Hawaii, check out the services of Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, ND, who can set your world to rights too...

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